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Work should be about the decisions you make, not the noisy paperwork surrounding it.

We learn, try and improve each day. We approach initiatives with excitement and we're commited to sucess. For us as individuals, for our teams, and most importantly, for our clients, we motivate us in everything we do.

Meet the team!

we are, therefore we innovate.

Alyssa Samaniego

Business Operations Manager

Jed Sumulong

Chief Technology Officer

Tom Cordero

Sr. Product Manager

Lance Samonte

Head of Engineering

Eric Cristobal

Head of Design

Jeun Villanueva

Product Manager

Ash Cruz

Product Manager

Avi Vasquez

Product Designer

Renz Gusi

Product Designer

Jedidiah Dabuet

Customer and Technical Support Lead

Jessica Maragañas

Data Analyst

Shiela Sunga

QA Officer

JV Nieva

Front End Developer

Charles Labit

Front End Developer

Godfrey Patricio

Front End Developer

Chino Ng

Mobile Developer

Mark Ultra

Mobile Developer

MJ Angoluan

Back End Developer

Ann Aurelio

Back End Developer

Harold Sollorano

Back End Developer



We believe in working together to create great experiences, not just for our users and their customers, but for each other, too. We're here to grow, learn, laugh, take on new challenges, solve problems, and help each other. We work hard. We play hard

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